My first love

I'M BACK ON STAGE! So thrilled to be taking the stage as Cora Beasley in the Robey Theatre Company's production of No Place to be Somebody by Charles Gordone. Gordone's masterpiece explores racial tensions in a Civil Rights-era within a story about a black bartender who tries to outsmart a white mobster syndicate.

The show has had rave reviews and I have had the pleasure of acting alongside industry legends, Hawthorne James and Ben Guillory. I am also working alongside fellow AMDA Alumni Gianluca Malacrino, Allison Blaize, and Meghan Lang. It has been more than a pleasure to create and recreate this production nightly with this talented cast and crew. 




As an African American actress, I have dreams of playing so many iconic figures that have contributed to my culture. Cream was the first step in making that dream come true. Although I wasn't portraying Angela Davis herself (yet), I did have the opportunity to play a woman of the Black Panther Party. 

Cream follows a family who's relations have been strained due to their different stances on the importance of assimilating into white culture. The matriarch of the family starts trying bleach her granddaughters skin at a very young age. She begins a nightly regiment where she straightens their hair then forces them to apply skin bleach. The eldest sister, Joy, grows weary of the abuse and runs away, leaving her little sister alone with her abusive grandmother. Cream begins with Joy making a shocking return to her family home. She is in full panther uniform and is obviously on the run from the cops. Will her grandmother shed her prejudices in order to protect her own? Or will both granddaughters continue to suffer the consequences of her narrow minded view?

Cream has become an official selection for five film festivals and counting! I am so proud of the success of this film and I hope that it sheds light on the importance of self-love in a society that doesn't always make it easy. 

Couple Confine

I had the pleasure of visiting the breathtaking Cardiff, Wales to film this gem! Couple confine follows the story of a young couple working hard to build a future; the question is, will it be together, or apart? The two seem to have very different ideas of where their relationship is going and they have every intention of ensuring that their individually preferred outcome, will prevail. Now its a fight to the finish. Who'll come out on top?

I acted opposite the talented Gianluca Malacrino with direction from the fantastic Rebecca Hardy to bring this story to life. With limited time (I was only in town for two days) and a limited budget, we created this short which went on to become an official selection for three different festivals. I'm more than proud to have worked on this film with this incredible team. Here's to many more!