Indie Film

'Out of Game' Trailer

Believe it or not, this project actually called for me to learn Dungeons and Dragons. I love what I do! Out of Game is a web-series that will follow a group of people who happen to be in the wrong comic and games store at the wrong time.  

It all starts when the zany store owner takes pity on a lonely boy who comes in everyday to play D&D solo. One specific day, he listens to all of the different issues of the patrons in the store, and decides they could all benefit from some time playing the game; playing a very up-close and person version of the game.  

Next thing they know, they're waking up in a real life version of D&D; a wizard, a rogue, a cleric, a barbarian, and a bard. Each of them representing the major characters in Dungeons and Dragons and possessing powers that they have no idea how to use. But somehow they must learn not only to master their own power, but also to work together in order to escape the mystical world. 

The trailer will work as a tool to generate funds to finish up the series. Can't wait!

My SYFY Fantasy

Gianluca Malacrino and I hit the screen again with the wonderful SYFY short, Between! We had the dream team here with a screenplay and direction from the incredible mind of Alexander Hanno, and the gutsy camera works of DP, Samuel Lancaster!

Between tells the story of a young bartender who wakes up after a night out on a beautiful beach. Doesn't sound too bad, right? But before long he realizes that this sandy paradise is completely inescapable. After a few nights of panic and several attempts at getting off of the island, he meets a mysterious woman who seems to live on the island. Will she help him? Or is she the reason that he can't leave?

I have to say this was one of the most fun sets I have had the pleasure of working on. Our entire team was so willing to try new, innovative, sometimes (moderately) dangerous things to make each shot interesting and true that this experience has a unique sense of adventure. Not to mention filming on a beautiful beach all day. No complaints here!


It's super surreal when you work on the same project as actors that you grew up watching and admiring. I first experienced this working on No Place to be Somebody with the fabulous Hawthorne James and it's happening again with Instance !

Denise Dowse and T'Keyah Crystal Kemah both star in the film about an idealistic art teacher who befriends a troubled teenage boy in her class. The friendship seems innocent and harmless but when she is accused of an instance of inappropriate behavior, it becomes unclear who the actual victim really is.

It was truly awesome to work with these artists and I am confident that Instance is about to WRECK the festival scene! Can't wait!