My First Feature Film: LowLow

So far I have been fortunate enough to be on camera quite a bit. I have even cameoed on a couple of feature films. However this time, winter 2018, I completed my first leading role in a feature film. 

Low Low, written by and directed by Nick Richey, is a coming of age story about 4 girls from a rough side of town deciding what the next step is after graduation and trying to remain friends through it all. Life throws them all sorts of challenges and the question is, will the adversity drive them together, or apart. 

I play the rough around the edges protector of the group, Lana. Lana was such a joy to embody because we are nothing alike. One of my favorite things about acting is getting to know and falling in love with your characters. That was definitely the case with Lana and I cannot wait for you all to meet her as well.