Fefu and Her Friends at the Hollyhock House!!!!!

I could not be more excited to work with the wonderful CircleX Theatre company on Maria Irene Fornes' timeless, Fefu and Her Friends. Not only will we be jumping into this wildly abstract historical text, we will be doing so in Frank Lloyd Wright's gorgeous Hollyhock House. 

On a seemingly ordinary day in 1935, a group of women gather to plan a philanthropic fundraiser. The host Fefu is impulsive, unapologetic and boldly leads the women until Julia enters the picture. Once brilliant and fearless, Julia’s spirit was broken when a mysterious hunting accident left her paralyzed. Or did it?  Featuring an international cast of women, Fornés’ 1977 play explores how subtle pressures work on women across the world to conform to an ideal of meekness and femininity.

About the Location: Hollyhock House was commissioned by Aline Barnsdall and designed by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1919-1921. Originally intended to be part of a avant-garde theatre complex, the project halted after the completion of the house. Barnsdall gifted the house to the City of Los Angeles in 1927.  Hollyhock House underwent extensive renovations and the LA Department of Cultural Affairs re-opened it to the public in 2014. FEFU will be the first-ever theatre performance at the house, finally making Aline Barnsdall’s vision a reality.