Served the series

If you've ever worked in, or even attended a restaurant regularly, you know the business has a culture of it's own. Served gives it's audience an inside look at that culture; the good, the bad, the racial/cultural hierarchy, the comedy, and the comradery.

The series takes a look at the classic 'types' we often encounter in restaurants, and gives us a chance to see whats underneath. One of my favorite acting teachers, Paul Perri, often said, "Things are never what they seem; they're usually the exact opposite". Served is a product of that notion. 

Another brilliant product from the mind of Alexander Hanno, partnered this time with the vision of DP and Director, Derrick Cruz, Served is smart, funny, and daring. We filmed the entire first episode in one continuous shot which was such an amazing and challenging experience! Everyone had to be working at the top of their game to make sure things flowed like a well oiled machine and in the end, we created something stellar.